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| Releases | TFT Update | Surrender at 20 | PBE Update | Red Post | art of zoo

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Some Info About Surrender at 20

In a press release that of the main targets of GamerGate, Kotaku and Polygon, remove themselves from the issue was delivered to our offices this morning, an anonymous gamer has outlined their case for the surrender of GamerGate.
A growing list of advertisers have decided to pull support from websites that have been accused of unethical journalism by gamers and #GamerGate supporters alike, however, the group today has gone a step further and requested that 2. 5 million GamerGate supporters surrender themselves for arrest for their crimes against the group of "social justice warriors".
The anonymous gamer had this to say in response to the press release, "We have repeatedly said that we are not attacking gamers, but rather biased, corrupt journalists. However, I feel that while being impartial is needed when reporting news on certain issues people can still be held accountable under the law for hate speech, bullying and other online crimes so I'm sharing what details I have - anonymously." While some are already calling these findings incomplete or fabricated it has been reported that both Polygon and Kotaku are preparing lawyers with cases against #GamerGate. While they cannot reveal their identities due to fear of retaliation from #GamerGate supporters it has been reported that these gamers plan to meet with law enforcement in the coming weeks. The anonymous gamer had this to say in response, "In regards to GamerGate supporters surrendering themselves - if they can be charged for criminal behavior then they should face it accordingly. One must also remember that #GamerGate is a community of people and while some may not agree with surrendering there are others who do... Again I am willing to cooperate with any investigation against our community or hashtag."
Hayden Peña, an anonymous observer on behalf of TFT's GamerGate coverage team said, "I believe this outcome will help both sides reach mutual understanding since Kotaku and Polygon have decided not to participate at all in this discussion. In fact without them even participating it'll be easier for #GamerGate supporters to surrender themselves since there are no distractions."
"Outcomes like these show that both sides are willing to go the extra mile in order to reach peace without surrendering. I look forward to future coverage on this topic," said Peña. Readers are reminded that surrender at 20 has reached out to Kotaku and Polygon but have not received responses at this time. - PBE update - TFT - Surrender at 20

Title: Anti-Gamer Activist Wants To Sue GamerGate Supporters For $37 Million Dollars.