A few years ago, Telefónica / Movistar offered its own email accounts, and they were as popular as today those of Gmail or Microsoft.

The way to access Movistar correo or is through webmail on any device, or by setting up an email account in Gmail, Windows Mail, or similar. We will explain how it is done.

How to access Movistar Mail

  • Is my account still active?
  • I can’t send mail
  • I do not remember the password
  • How much mail space do I have? How much can I send?
  • POP3 or IMAP account?
  • How to configure Movistar Mail in Windows 10 Mail
  • How to configure Movistar Mail on Android
  • How to configure Movistar Mail on an iPhone / Mac
  • How to forward Movistar email to another email

Is my account still active?

The first thing we are going to do is check if the account @ Movistar, @ that you have, is still working. It is possible that you canceled it at the time, or if it has been inactive for many years, that Telefónica itself did it.

The easiest way to check if the account works is through webmail or webmail, the Telefónica / Movistar mail service accessible from a web page, which still works. You can do it both from a computer, mobile or tablet.

His address is Correo movistar . Enter this website by clicking on the link to access Movistar’s webmail:



Enter the email address  and the password you have saved, and check if it lets you enter.

If you don’t remember the password, see the next steps.

I can’t send mail

It is possible that the password is correct and Correo Movistar will let you access your account, but when you are going to send an email, a message appears indicating that it is not possible:

This error occurs because you haven’t changed your password in a long time.

The solution, therefore, is to create a new password . Press the icon with the three horizontal lines, enter Settings , and choose Change password.

You will have to enter the current one, and choose a new one. Exit the session, start it again with the new password, and you will be able to send mail.

I do not remember the password

The most common problem when you want to access an old Movistar or Telefonica.net account is that you do not remember the password, because you do not write it down, or you have forgotten it.

To recover the Movistar Mail password, you have to do it from webmail.

Therefore, go to and tap on I can’t access my account. In the new Password Recovery window that appears, enter your email and check the I am not a Robot box :