Credible Online MBA Programs

The Indiana University Bloomington Kelly School of Business is “consistently ranked at the top for online MBA programmes” and is “the only top tier programme that was cheap and value-adding.” Flexible schedules, “a variety of networking chances,” and passionate professors who “understand it” are all features of this highly regarded curriculum. Professors are able to keep online learners just as engaged as if they were physically seated in the classroom by using “excellent content,” providing “personalised attention,” and more. The fact that the online faculty are the same professors who teach the in-person MBA courses is a significant bonus, according to one student, since it ensures that the virtual programme closely resembles the physical curriculum.

The IU teachers are not “anything less than extraordinary,” according to online MBA students. “There are moments when I’m so impressed with my teachers’ organisation that I feel overwhelmed. A student claims, “They are always on top of things, and the teaching quality is great. They can simplify ideas by providing “real-world business examples.”

The management of the school organises “a world-class on-campus week” and offers exceptional all-around support to students. The program’s opportunity for students to achieve dual master’s degrees (MBA/MS) is another special feature. One student says, “This was very attractive to me, given I don’t have a business college degree,” even though the majority of students who enrol in Kelley’s MBA programme had prior business experience.

Although earning an MBA online “clearly puts time at a premium,” Kelley’s programme “certainly offers for maximum flexibility without compromising on quality.” Students may initially find the “rigorous material” intimidating, but the programme is undoubtedly designed to accommodate people with prioritising careers and/or families. Students can hear lectures that have been recorded, work on assignments at their own pace, and yet find time for personal interests.

A participant in the programme claims, “It is truly a programme designed for people who have demanding full-time jobs and need to be able to manage their own time.” Online friends praise one another and describe themselves as “driven,” “bright,” “professional,” and well-respected in their fields. They are extremely ambitious yet also “team players.”

  • Average Undergrad GPA:3.37
  • Work Experience:10.0 years
  • Applicants:2,951
  • Acceptance Rate:36%
  • Average Age:33
  • Online Enrollment:1544
  • Total Tuition and Fees:$78,246
  • Average GMAT Score:652
  • Average Starting Salary:$125,140

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