CBU Online MBA

Manage And Lead In Corporate, Non-Profit, and Private Business

The Fully Employed Masters of Business Administration in Management degree programme offered online (MBA-M) is designed to prepare professionals who are currently employed for advancements in a range of senior level roles in business. After completing their online MBA, students will be equipped to lead organisations, make strategic decisions, drive meaningful change, advance their small company ideas, and inspire ethical excellence at work.

Graduates of the online MBA in Management programme will be equipped with a broad range of advanced skills and quantitative techniques that will allow them to supervise all functional areas of an organisation and be in charge of the strategic direction of businesses or particular business units in the areas of operations, sales, marketing, human resources, and administration. The online MBA programme at CBU is specially created for full- and part-time employed working professionals looking to advance their technical and leadership skills.

An online MBA degree will provide graduates with prospects for growth in the expanding and diverse business employment market. The Graduate Management Admission Council claims that the job market for MBA graduates is at its strongest in ten years (1).

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs has granted the Division of Online and Professional Studies accreditation (ACBSP). Regular reports that detail, among other things, our strategy for gauging student learning, faculty credentials, and the distribution of faculty resources are submitted as part of the ongoing accreditation process. You can download a copy of our Standard 6 rates for graduation, retention, and job placement results as well as our Standard 4 student learning outcomes for degree programmes from this page.

Student Testimonials

Students who enrol in the online Fully Employed Master of Business Administration in Management programme will embark on a path that includes spiritual, professional, and personal growth. Graduates of the MBA programme will be prepared to responsibly handle challenging accounting difficulties in a fast-paced company setting. Students will also graduate from the programme with the ability to take responsibility for their actions, think critically, engage others, and lead others.

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