The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 11.23 PBE cycle, today’s patch includes splash tweaks,  tentative balance changes, and more!

Splash Tweaks



1) Riot Phlox noted there wouldn’t be a preview today:
“No patch preview today since 11.23 will be just preseason content.
Preseason throws the meta so up in the air that doing smaller balance changes to a individual champion or whatever isn’t really worth it. We’ll be touching outliers and following up on preseason in 11.24 though!”
2) Here’s the latest from the r/LeaguePBE feedback threads:

in response to PBE comments 11/8/2021

make Heterochromia more pronounced:

We compared the model to base, and Space Groove. Both of these depictions have the iris the same color, with one pupil being replaced with a shape – a pink/yellow X for Base, a star for Space Groove. Since we replaced one eye with a Blueberry this skin, we feel it is in line with her other depictions and have chosen not to take action on this.

Blueberries on the scissors look like blue screws:

We adjusted the contrast, reduced the metallic look of the highlight and reshaped the blueberries on the scissors a bit to address them looking like screws.

SFX- classic VFX are overlapping her new VFX which make them not pop out so well. (base sounds too loud, new VFX too quiet:

Our team spent time investigating this and could not find any base SFX in her kit for this skin either on PBE or in internal builds. If you have video proof, please send it to RiotTinyBun on twitter.”

Cafe Cuties Soraka

“Hello all! Thank you for the feedback. The team has had a look and were able to make a few changes:

  • Croissant shaped auto attacks!
  • The Astral Infusion (W) SFX have been adjusted to sound more impactful.
  • The Equinox (E) croissant has been reduced in size.


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