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The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 11.21 PBE cycle, today’s patch includes skin bios for the Dragonmancer skins!

The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 11.21 PBE cycle, today's patch includes skin bios for the Dragonmancer skins!

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  • Skin bios added:
    • Tranquility Dragon Karma: “As Brand’s corruption spread, Karma sought the power to restore peace. When her desperate search throughout the land failed, Karma was left with nowhere left to look but within. After months of quiet contemplation, the fabled Tranquility Dragon greeted her in a vision. She awoke with the dragon’s gift, the power to bring tranquil peace to face Brand’s raging violence.”
    • Duality Dragon Volibear: “Volibear was the greatest terror in the forest, until the nearby volcano erupted. In the frenzy of escape, Volibear came across a child who was similarly trapped, and heeded a strange instinct– he saved the child. The Duality Dragon saw and made the mighty predator an offer: the power to hone the duality of his nature, both fury and compassion.”
    • Duality Dragon Volibear Prestige Edition: “Volibear stands poised between the two drives of his core self– rage and mercy, impulse and restraint, neither overwhelming the other. Balance is an active struggle; each day the predator and protector clash, and each day Volibear’s will grows stronger by the grace of the dragon’s gift.”
    • Lagoon Dragon Kai’Sa: Seeking the power to purify the land of Brand’s corruption, Kai’Sa plunged into the depths of the Lagoon Dragon’s waters, despite terrifying legends of the endless deep. However, the Dragon recognized her for her courage to face the unknown and blessed her with its gifts. Now, she adventures the world, cleansing the land and protecting those who cannot protect themselves.”
    • Truth Dragon Yasuo: “Alone against an army, Yasuo chose to stand and fight. He blocked a narrow pass between two mountains, allowing innocents to escape the bloodshed. Wielding the truth of steel as a dance, he felled countless foes– but even he could not hold out forever. The Dragon of Truth, moved by his swordsmanship, came down from its peak to bless him…”
    • Dream Dragon Yasuo: “The song of steel grew silent, and Yasuo was the last living soul on the battlefield– though he imagined he could hear the thankful murmurs of the villagers he’d protected. Wounded and dying, Yasuo produced his flute to play a last haunting elegy. The Dragon of Dreams descended from its mountaintop, moved by Yasuo’s song, and offered him its power…”
    • Steel Dragon Thresh: “The Steel Dragon, happiest curled up in its cavernous archive amidst its treasures, needed someone with a talent for acquiring esoteric new treasures– and its eye fell on Thresh. Honored to assist, Thresh’s limitless appetite for acquisition warped into obsession. Now he stops at nothing to acquire what he wants, justifying his cruelty in the name of his benefactor.”
  • End of Season 2021 summoner banners added to the PBE:
  • Context & Notes

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